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Ozzilla is about embracing our country's, colourful, and sometimes cheeky animals and icons! 

Since our launch in August 2012, our colourful illustrations and nifty designs have continued to provide Australia’s kids new insights into wildlife and education – with a quirky range of all things uniquely Aussie: A is for Ant, B is for Barbeque, F is for footy.

The Ozzilla philosophy is about integrating the contemporary educational approaches to learning with a fresh and funky look that complement today’s interior.


Ozzilla products are designed to be easily postable, so customers finally have a choice for an Australian gift to send to family and friends, interstate or overseas.


We like to make quality things, and design them to be easy-to-use. This includes making sure that all our stuff is very postable, making it simpler to send gifts to friends and family who live further away. 

We hope you love our stuff as much as we enjoy designing it!

-Dave and Cris



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