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Relative analgesia machine A relative analgesia machine is used by dentists to induce inhalation sedation in their patients. It delivers a mixture of nitrous oxide laughing gas and oxygen.A relative analgesia machine is simpler than an anaesthetic machine, as it does not feature the additional medical ventilator and anaesthetic vaporiser, which are only needed for administration of general anesthetics.Chemical oxygen generator A chemical oxygen generator is a device that releases oxygen via a chemical reaction.The oxygen source is usually an inorganic superoxide, chlorate, or perchlorate ozonides are a promising group of oxygen sources. The generators are usually ignited by a firing pin, and the chemical reaction is usually exothermic, making the generator a potential fire hazard.Portable oxygen concentrator Development. Medical oxygen concentrators were developed in the late 1970s. Early manufacturers included Union Carbide and Bendix Corporation.They were initially conceived of as a method of providing a continuous source of home oxygen without the use of heavy tanks and frequent deliveries. Beginning in the 2000s, manufacturers developed portable versions.Continuous positive airway pressure Some CPAP machines have other features as well, such as heated humidifiers. CPAP is the most effective treatment for obstructive sleep apnea, in which the mild pressure from the CPAP prevents the airway from collapsing or becoming blocked. Delivery. An example of a nasal mask for CPAP. Although delivery of CPAP through a nasal mask is the most common modality of treatment, other systems exist .Mask Oxygen mask worn by highaltitude pilots, or used in medicine to deliver oxygen, anesthetic, or other gases to patients Welding mask to protect the welders face and eyes from the brightness and sparks created during welding Sports. An American footballer wearing a mask that protects his face from another players hand. American football helmet face mask Balaclava, also known as a ski .Positive airway pressure The CPAP machine stops this phenomenon by delivering a stream of compressed air via a hose to a nasal pillow, nose mask, fullface mask, or hybrid, splinting the airway keeping it open under air pressure so that unobstructed breathing becomes possible, therefore reducing and/or preventing apneas and hypopneas.Oxygen therapy Demand oxygen delivery systems DODS or oxygen resuscitators deliver oxygen only when the person inhales, or, in the case of a nonbreathing person, the caregiver presses a button on the mask. These systems greatly conserve oxygen compared to steadyflow masks, which is useful in emergency situations when a limited supply of oxygen is available and there is a delay in transporting the person .Instruments used in anesthesiology Instrument Uses Continuousflow anaesthetic machine: used to provide a measured and continuous supply of gases oxygen, nitrous oxide, etc. , mixed with a required concentration of anesthetic vapor to the patient at a required pressure and rate video linkAnesthetic vaporizers: vaporizes the anesthetic Oxygen maskOxygen concentrator Union Carbide Corporation U CC and Bendix Corporation were both early manufacturers. Prior to that era, home medical oxygen therapy required the use of heavy high pressure oxygen cylinders or small cryogenic liquid oxygen systems. Both of these delivery systems required frequent home visits by suppliers to replenish oxygen supplies.Oxygen mask An oxygen mask provides a method to transfer breathing oxygen gas from a storage tank to the lungs. Oxygen masks may cover only the nose and mouth or the entire face. They may be made of plastic, silicone, or rubber. In certain circumstances, oxygen may be delivered via a nasal cannula instead of a mask.Anaesthetic machine The modern anaesthetic machine still retains all the key working principles of the Boyles machine a British Oxygen Company trade name in honour of the British anaesthetist Henry Boyle. In India, however, the trade name Boyle is registered with Boyle HealthCare Pvt. Ltd., Indore MP. A twoperson preuse check consisting of an anaesthesiologist and an assistant of the anaesthetic machine .

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