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Layered clothing Layered clothing is a term describing a way of dressing using many garments that are worn on top of each other. Some of the layers have different, largely nonoverlapping, functions. Using more or fewer layers, or replacing one layer but not others, allows for flexible clothing to match the needs of each situation. Two thin layers can be warmer .EPROM For large volumes of parts thousands of pieces or more , maskprogrammed ROMs are the lowest cost devices to produce. However, these require many weeks lead time to make, since the artwork for an IC mask layer must be altered to store data on the ROMs. Initially, it was thought that the EPROM would be too expensive for mass production use and .Fencing There are three weapons in modern fencing: foil, pe, and sabre. Each weapon has its own rules and strategies. Equipment needed includes at least 2 swords, a lam not for pe , a white jacket, underarm protector, two body and mask cords, knee high socks, glove and knickers. FoilSeparatory funnel Decantation is a process of pouring off the top layer of liquid from a bottom layer of liquid or solid Decanter centrifuge Dropping funnels are similar in shape and design, and may be used as separatory funnels. They have standard taper ground glass joints at the stem.Optical coating The simplest optical coatings are thin layers of metals, such as aluminium, which are deposited on glass substrates to make mirror surfaces, a process known as silvering.The metal used determines the reflection characteristics of the mirror aluminium is the cheapest and most common coating, and yields a reflectivity of around 8892 over the visible spectrum.African sculpture Helmet mask ndoli jowei for Sande society late 19thearly 20th century wood 39.4 x 23.5 x 26 cm 15 1 2 x 9 1 4 x 10 1 4 in. Brooklyn Museum New York City . A vertical crack runs from base of mask to head band at back center and includes a triangular 1 3 4 hole below bandTSA says 500 of its employees have tested positive for . Of the 500 who tested positive, 208 TSA employees recovered from the illness, the agency said in a statement. . A postal worker wears a protective mask and gloves while operating a route in the .GP5 gas mask The GP5 gas mask is a Sovietmade singlefilter gas mask. It was issued to the Soviet population starting in 1962 production ended in 1990. It is a lightweight mask, weighing 1.09 kg. It can operate in all weather and withstand temperatures from 40 degrees to 114 C. The GP5 also comes with sealed glass eye pieces. They were originally made to protect the wearer from radioactive fallout during the Cold War and were distributed to most fallout shelters. They have been tested in Poland .Mask of Tutankhamun A protective spell is inscribed with Egyptian hieroglyphs on the back and shoulders in ten vertical and two horizontal lines. The spell first appeared on masks in the Middle Kingdom, 500 years before Tutankhamun, and was used in Chapter 151 of the Book of the Dead.. Thy right eye is the night bark of the sungod , thy left eye is the daybark, thy eyebrows are those of the Ennead of the .Jigsaw puzzle accessories 500 pieces: 520 mm x 395 mm 20.4 x 15.5 1000 pieces: Approximately 750 mm x 520 mm 29.5 x 20.4 . take up approximately twice the space of a completed puzzle and these nesting boxes aim to solve the problem of how best to store 1,000 loose pieces in a small area. The boxes can be used for sorting different shapes or colours of piece.BoPET BoPET biaxiallyoriented polyethylene terephthalate is a polyester film made from stretched polyethylene terephthalate PET and is used for its high tensile strength, chemical and dimensional stability, transparency, reflectivity, gas and aroma barrier properties, and electrical insulation.. A variety of companies manufacture boPET and other polyester films under different brand names.Landfill liner A landfill liner, or composite liner, is intended to be a low permeable barrier, which is laid down under engineered landfill sites. Until it deteriorates, the liner retards migration of leachate, and its toxic constituents, into underlying aquifers or nearby rivers, causing spoliation of the local water.. Modern landfills generally require a layer of compacted clay with a minimum required .

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