Helping your kids learn their 1-2-3’s and A-B-C’s.


Learning Numbers and ABCs can be very rewarding for both child and parent alike. It’s great to see the progress as the little minds develop and start to recognise patterns & take on-board these fundamental skills that will set them up for lifelong learning.
Below are some tips to keep in mind as you and your little one embark on the journey of learning numbers and alphabet together.
  • Read Together! Reading together is a beautiful way to spend time together. Start by pointing out words and spelling them out. Rhyming books and picture books with simple words are great to start with.


  • Look Around. There are lots of printed numbers & letters, that surround us everyday. Point these out to your little one. For example, On the letter box, the cereal box, exit signs, toothpaste tube etc.


  • Use Visual Aids. (This is where Ozzilla Australian Wall charts come in!). Getting an ABC or Numbers chart up on the wall is fundamental in promoting faster learning of their 1-2-3s and A-B-Cs. Connecting the Visual with the sound is also very important. Going through each number or letter one by one and sounding them out is a fun way to help them learn and remember. You can also count each animal in our 1-2-3 number chart.


  • Start letter learning with your Childs name. Spell it out in front of them as much as you can. Its really fun when they recognise how this is made up. Speak each letter clearly and give them the chance to repeat.


  • Make it Fun, Stay patient and be persistent. Having fun means faster, more enjoyable learning. Play letter/word games like I-Spy, and be sure to give lots of Praise and encouragement! Let your child know you are proud of them and praise them for their effort.
Happy Learning.
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